Build loyalty and revenue one fan at a time.

LoyaltyMatch offers the fastest and most cost-effective path to the development and delivery of a loyalty program. With LoyaltyMatch your venue, club, festival or theater can easily manage and view details about all of your loyal fans and customers in one place, then use that data to make informed decisions that will improve your business.

We help build amazing club, venue, festival and theater loyalty solutions

LoyaltyMatch makes it easy for clubs, venues, festivals and theaters to increase customer loyalty and engagement across social, web, mobile, in-venue, and ticketing experiences through its intuitive cloud-based loyalty management and gamification platform.

Reward Social Loyalty.

Deeper Customer Insight.

We integrate your ticketing, POS and merchandise systems

How can what we do help you?

Your role.

General Manager

Your job is to grow your company. Faster, than your competitors, and often with fewer resources.

We help you
  1. Better understand your customers and what drives them.
  2. Make better decisions.

Ticket Manager

Your job is to sell tickets and fill the room. You need to understand which customers to engage and how.

We help you
  1. Target the right customers.
  2. See which incentives work.


You support marketing technology that can be integrated quickly, securely and within budget.

We help you
  1. Avoid expensive on-premise software.
  2. Eliminate time consuming integration.


You grow engagement and revenue by creating programs to better understand your customers.

We help you
  1. See a holistic view of each customer.
  2. Sell more food, beverages and merchandises.

Read how we've helped our customers build amazing customer loyalty.

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